Gloria Dawson, Author at Modern Farmer
At This New Jersey Farm, Alpacas Help the Mentally Ill

At Fountain House Farm, members with mental illness recover and gain new skills, find jobs,... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 24, 2015
Farm App Harvests Big Data

Y Combinator startup FarmLogs is bringing big data to farms - with big investments behind... (more)

Gloria Dawson
March 26, 2014
Why We Should Treat Poor, Rural Farmers as Customers Instead of Charity...

When Paul Polak started asking poor, rural farmers in developing countries what they would need... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 23, 2013
No Goat Left Behind: Getting Americans to Eat Goat

Goat is the most widely consumed red meat in the world, but it rarely makes... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 19, 2013
Fighting for Food in the South Bronx

A mother works to get fresh food in poor neighborhood.

Gloria Dawson
September 12, 2013
You Can Farm from Your Couch With Farming Simulator 2013

The game Farming Simulator was once ironically beloved. Now gamers are ready to get serious,... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 6, 2013
6 Great Farm Reads for Young Adults

A few farm-focused novels to inspire kids to learn more about the world of farming... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 5, 2013
Circles in Squares: Modern Agricultural Art

The patchwork of circles and squares that make up the farmlands of the American West... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 4, 2013
The Best Movie About Coming of Age and Crashing Combines You’ll Ever...

But it turns out that combine demolition derbies also work as wonderful narratives for telling... (more)

Gloria Dawson
September 3, 2013