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Q&A with James McSweeney

For James McSweeney, compost is the new black — black gold, that is. McSweeney, a... (more)

Joan Bailey
Five Ornamental Plants You Didn’t Know Were Edible

Have your flowers and eat them, too.

Brian Barth
May 14, 2019
Seeding Your Lawn? Try Mixing Grass Species

It’s time for seeding in the Southeastern US. Don’t start before reading this.

Dan Nosowitz
May 10, 2019
This Urban Farm Grows Strawberries in Shipping Containers in Central Paris

Agricool cultivates juicy berries using aeroponics.

Mónica R. Goya
April 4, 2019
Kentucky Is Hoping to Become the California of Hemp

The unlikely hemp pioneer is growing.

Dan Nosowitz
March 28, 2019
10 New Vegetables and Herbs for Your Garden This Spring

Branch out this year with varieties that will bring new flavors to your table.

Brian Barth
March 25, 2019
Gardeners Were Right: Marigolds DO Help Prevent Tomato Pests

Scientists finally figured out why and how.

Dan Nosowitz
March 15, 2019