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Be Prepared for a Possible Seed Shortage

Spend too much time pouring over seed catalogs and plotting out every square foot of... (more)

Jodi Helmer
Could Indoor Vertical Farms Be the Future of Livestock Feed?

Along Utah’s Highway 68 in the small community of Elberta, Utah stands an industrial dome.... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 16, 2021
Report: Bill Gates Now the Largest Private Owner of American Farmland

When you’re a billionaire, your money problems are different than for non-billionaires. Instead of figuring... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 15, 2021
Trump Administration Reportedly Considers Biofuel Waivers in Final Days

In the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Environmental Protection Agency reportedly has been... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 15, 2021
Degraded Soil Costs Corn Farmers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year:...

Massive monocrop farming of corn, in the United States, brings with it a whole host... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 14, 2021
7 Weird and Wonderful Plants Discovered in 2020

For many, 2020 was a terrible year. But if you ask a botanist, they would... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 10, 2021
How to Grow Your Own Spices

Many gardeners tend small herb gardens on their window sills, but far fewer take the... (more)

Modern Farmer
January 4, 2021
New Year’s Resolutions for the Regenerative Grower

It’s hard to believe, but 2020 is finally behind us. For many, the New Year... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 3, 2021
This Year in Food and Farming

While many would like to forget the year that just happened, it’s still important to... (more)

Modern Farmer
December 28, 2020
Italian Olive Oil Producers Supplement Climate Change Losses Through Biofuel

ROME – In a normal year, olive oil lovers from around the world join farmworkers... (more)

Michael Scaturro
December 26, 2020
Why Apple Detectives Are Tracking Down Lost Varieties

The phrase “lost and found” is being imbued with fresh meaning thanks to the Lost... (more)

Liz Susman Karp
December 21, 2020