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SNAP Benefits Can Be Used to Buy Seeds. Why Isn’t That Well...

The largest federal nutrition assistance program allows participants to purchase seeds and seedlings, which should,... (more)

Emily Baron Cadloff
The Legacy of Campbell Soup’s Tomato Breeding Program

How the canned food company helped the Garden State become synonymous with luscious red tomatoes.

Jeff Quattrone
January 12, 2022
New Grafting Technique Could Save the Cavendish Banana

The most common banana variety is at risk of going extinct. But researchers have discovered... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 11, 2022
The Promise of Pulse Proteins

A rising demand for plant-based meats is causing farmers to break into the pulsing category.

Mary Allen
January 10, 2022
Cracking the Genetic Code of the Lychee

After mapping the genes of this short-season tropical fruit, researchers make a discovery that could... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 9, 2022
Urban Farming Can Actually Be Pretty Productive

A new two-year study found the yield and quality of produce grown on urban farms... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 7, 2022
Is Beet Juice the Future of Deicing City Streets?

Deicers made with a mixture of sugar beet molasses and salt are gaining traction.

Dan Nosowitz
January 5, 2022
Yes, There Are Plants That Still Bloom in the Dead of Winter

Count on these frost-tolerant flowers, shrubs and trees to bring color during the garden’s quiet... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 1, 2022
The 10 Most-Read Modern Farmer Stories of 2021

Revisit your favorites and read up on the ones you missed this year.

Modern Farmer
December 31, 2021
This Year in Food and Farming

A recap of 2021, a year filled with equal parts hope and disappointment.

Dan Nosowitz
December 23, 2021
The Great American Chestnut Tree Revival

More than a century ago, billions of American chestnuts were wiped out by an invasive... (more)

Shea Swenson
December 20, 2021