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With Marijuana Legalization Comes Marijuana Recalls

Luckily, we’re not near romaine-level recall status.

Dan Nosowitz
January 11, 2019
Applegate Valley: Exploring Oregon’s Renegade Farm Country

From vineyards to pot plants, monoculture is out and weekender fun is in.

Trevor Hagstrom & Maggie Rosenburg
January 10, 2019
Hemp May Soon Be Federally Legal, But Many Will Be Barred From...

Hemp industry leaders are strongly against one important part of the bill.

Dan Nosowitz
December 7, 2018
4 Tips for Setting Up a Windowsill Garden

Act now to ensure you have fresh supply of basil, mint and more until spring.

Brian Barth
December 3, 2018
This Weird Shrub Actually Shares Its Water With Crops

A plant native to West Africa can serve as an irrigation system.

Dan Nosowitz
November 15, 2018
Dandelion Seeds Are Amazing

New research suggests they could be four times more efficient than a parachute.

Dan Nosowitz
November 6, 2018
The Last Tree Standing

For thousands of years, breadfruit grew in the Pacific Islands, where it was a staple... (more)

Gloria Dickie
November 5, 2018
Remember when Cottonseeds were Poisonous? Not anymore! (Sort of.)

They’re nutritious and newly not dangerous.

Dan Nosowitz
November 2, 2018
Judge Upholds Verdict, Though Reduces Damages, for Monsanto Cancer Case

From $289 million to $78 million, but still guilty.

Dan Nosowitz
October 29, 2018