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The Dirt on Fertilizer

For plants to thrive, they require a magic formula: water plus sunlight plus air plus... (more)

Daliah Singer
Why is Turkey the Main Dish on Thanksgiving?

Have you ever wondered why Thanksgiving revolves around turkey and not ham, chicken, venison, beef... (more)

Troy Bickham, The Conversation
November 23, 2023
What’s in a Name? Food Labels, Explained

Do you know what “cage-free” means? How about “free range”? “Pasture-raised”?  Some of the terms... (more)

Lena Beck
October 9, 2023
In the Shopping Cart

Food fraud is the act of misrepresenting or adulterating a food product, usually for financial... (more)

Lena Beck
October 8, 2023
Navigating the Buzzwords Behind an ‘Ethical’ Bag of Coffee

You’re shopping for a bag of coffee beans at the grocery store. After reading about... (more)

Spencer M. Ross, The Conversation
September 30, 2023
The Dirt on Cover Crops

What’s cover cropping all about, anyway? As with many eco initiatives, what was old is... (more)

Daliah Singer
August 31, 2023
For Years, Farmers Milked Cows by Hand. Now Robots and Technology Do...

Chad Kieffer, a third-generation farmer from Utica, Minnesota, has five milkers for his herd of... (more)

Ethan Humble, Investigate Midwest
May 2, 2023
Demystifying the US Farm Bill

How our food is grown, who has access to it and at what cost are... (more)

Miranda Lipton
April 7, 2023