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The Modern Family Farm

It might come as a surprise, but 96 percent of US crop farms are still... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 14, 2013
A Hydroponic Rooftop Farm Grows in the Bronx

This hydroponic farm represents both a modern way to bring farming into urban areas and... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 2, 2013
Agriculture’s Story in Song: Q&A with Susan Werner

Susan Werner’s new album goes back to her roots, specifically her family farm in Iowa.... (more)

Gloria Dawson
August 1, 2013
Getting Big Companies to Play Nice with Small Farmers

Hal Hamilton started the Sustainable Food Lab in 2004 as a way for food companies,... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 30, 2013
4 New Studies are a Buzzkill for Bees

This summer has seen more bad news for bees. Here are four recent sad studies

Gloria Dawson
July 29, 2013
Using DNA Sequencing to Show Why Crop Rotation Works

Crop rotation just plain works. Since as far back as the Roman Empire farmers have... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 25, 2013
Pig Tech: Improving Pork’s Future

In a quest to eliminate gestation crates, researches believe they've cracked the code that may... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 23, 2013
5 Farm Museums that Preserve the Past and Educate the Future

“Everyday there’s another story about people not understanding the basics of food,” said Livermore. It’s... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 23, 2013
Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies: The True Cost of our Produce

Today's pickers - migrant farm workers picking produce across the country - are Mexican immigrants,... (more)

Gloria Dawson
July 19, 2013