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Jan 19, 2021

At least four unlucky eaters found more than cheese, tomato sauce and pepperoni in their Hot Pockets recently.  Consumers discovered glass and pieces of hard plastic in their cheesy snacks, prompting a massive recall by Nestlé Prepared Foods. The giant food company recalled more than 760,000 pounds of pepperoni Hot Pockets after receiving complaints and […]

Jan 19, 2021

Generally, when a piece of news is released on a Friday before a long weekend, the intention is for that news to be ignored and forgotten. For the outgoing Trump administration, that may or may not be the case; there’s not very much time left before the inauguration of Joe Biden. On the final holiday […]

Jan 18, 2021

Spend too much time pouring over seed catalogs and plotting out every square foot of your raised beds and the seeds you need might be sold out.  Vegetable seed sellers experienced skyrocketing demand last spring as concerns over potential food shortages drove some of the demand; gardening also helped pass the time during quarantine—leading seed […]

The Modern Farmer Guide To Buying Seeds

If 2020 taught us anything when it comes to gardening, it’s that you should buy... (more)

Lindsay Campbell


7 Weird and Wonderful Plants Discovered in 2020

For many, 2020 was a terrible year. But if you ask a botanist, they would... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 10, 2021
Hmong Farmers Find Their Own Land in Minnesota

A trip to a farmers market in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, Minnesota may seem similar... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 9, 2021
One of the Most Under-Used Resources in American Ag Is a Waste...

According to the University of Kentucky, each bushel of corn produced leaves about 50 pounds... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 8, 2021
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The Rice Renaissance

In the not-so-distant past, craft beer connoisseurs and brewmasters collectively turned their noses up at... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 11, 2021
How To Eat Your Christmas Tree

For most people who celebrate Christmas, it would be hard to imagine the holiday without... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
December 27, 2020
Quarantine Recipes: Domenica’s Biscotti

When I was growing up, my childhood home was full of mouthwatering smells wafting through... (more)

Frank Giustra
December 19, 2020
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Report: Bill Gates Now the Largest Private Owner of American Farmland

When you’re a billionaire, your money problems are different than for non-billionaires. Instead of figuring... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 15, 2021
Trump Administration Reportedly Considers Biofuel Waivers in Final Days

In the waning days of Donald Trump’s presidency, the Environmental Protection Agency reportedly has been... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 15, 2021
Degraded Soil Costs Corn Farmers Hundreds of Millions of Dollars a Year:...

Massive monocrop farming of corn, in the United States, brings with it a whole host... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
January 14, 2021
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Hmong Farmers Find Their Own Land in Minnesota

A trip to a farmers market in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, Minnesota may seem similar... (more)

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