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Year in Review: 5 Modern Farmer Stories to Revisit

Here are five editor’s picks to read before 2023 comes to a close.

Photography courtesy of Melanie Elzinga.

The Modern Farmer team has been hard at work this year, bringing you great stories about farming and food systems, and we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Now’s your chance to catch up on what you may have missed before the new year rolls around. Here are some of the stories that our editors—and readers—really enjoyed this year.

As Chaga Keeps Trending, Mycologists Worry About Running Out

Chaga, a fungus found in colder climates, is a trendy ingredient in supplements and functional foods. But some foragers worry the supply is growing thin. [Read more]

Wary of Wolves, Some Western Ranchers Are Returning to Life on the Range

As the wolf population rebounds in the American West, cattle ranchers are going to extreme measures to coexist with the legendary predators. [Read more]

Can Linen Make a Comeback in North America?

Linen, a sustainable fabric made from the flax plant, isn’t produced on this continent. But some are hopeful a whole new industry could be on the horizon. [Read more]

These Dogs are in Crisis. Who Looks After the Guardians?

Livestock guardian dogs can do important work on farms. But they are being surrendered and euthanized in epic numbers. [Read more]

The Bourbon Industry Relies on White Oaks. Now, It’s All In on Stopping Their Decline.

Bourbon barrels are made from fresh white oaks, but we’re running out of viable trees. Now, the very industry that contributed to the problem has the most invested in finding the solution. [Read more]


And, for extra credit, don’t forget to check out two special editorial series from the year that was: State of Abundance, about California agriculture and climate change, and Phonies, Fakes and Food Fraud, about the wide world of food fraud and fakery.

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