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A Modern Farmer Conversation: The Wisdom of Wes Jackson, Founder of The...

An icon of enlightened farming in the corn belt ruminates on the origins of agriculture,... (more)

Brian Barth
March 3, 2017
Meet Dr. Gregory Peck, the Grand Pomologist of Hard Cider

This Cornell brew guru is working to elevate the science of cider to that of... (more)

Brian Barth
January 11, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Casey McAuliffe and Alex McPhail

"We've always thrived outdoors, and suddenly it was our job to go outdoors. That was... (more)

Sara Morrow
December 26, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Omar Laafoura

Omar Laafoura grew up in cosmopolitan Casablanca, where his only glimpse of agrarian life came... (more)

Miranda Crowell
December 19, 2016
3 Startups that are Disrupting the Flower Biz ” And Helping Farmers,...

These three startups are shaking up the flower business and that's good for flower farmers.

Andrew Amelinckx
December 16, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Andrew and Jena Brentano

“Each cricket is like a little Spider-Man,” says Andrew Brentano. The bugs’ ability to scale... (more)

Robin Schatz
December 9, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: The Wyckoff Family

John Wyckoff doesn’t usually deliver. But he made an exception three years ago: On Thanksgiving... (more)

Miranda Crowell
December 5, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Kelsey Herrington and Dominic Pascarelli

"I don't think of this as a real job,” admits Pascarelli. "It's like we found... (more)

Miranda Crowell
November 28, 2016