Dan Nosowitz, Author at Modern Farmer
Lab-Grown Meat Gets Closer to Store Shelves

We’re starting to get a sense of how it’ll be regulated.

Dan Nosowitz
March 22, 2019
Yep, Dairy Cows Really Love Water Beds

And more bedtime is good for them.

Dan Nosowitz
March 20, 2019
Someone In California Keeps Stealing Goats

The damage? An estimated $27,000.

Dan Nosowitz
March 19, 2019
Gardeners Were Right: Marigolds DO Help Prevent Tomato Pests

Scientists finally figured out why and how.

Dan Nosowitz
March 15, 2019
Meet the Asian Jumping Worm, the Farmer’s New Threat

We mostly think of worms as good for agriculture. Not these guys.

Dan Nosowitz
March 13, 2019
Remember “Pink Slime”? It Can Now Be Marketed As “Ground Beef”

“Pink slime” is probably more accurate, though less appetizing.

Dan Nosowitz
February 22, 2019