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Apparently We Can Fertilize Plants With Smoke Stacks at Coal Processors

New research suggests coal plants could provide some nice fertilizer.

Dan Nosowitz
February 21, 2019
Can Chickens Work as Tiny Pharmaceutical Factories?

A new genetically modified chicken could contain actual medication.

Dan Nosowitz
February 20, 2019
Ever Wonder How Coca-Cola Influences Health Policy? Here Are the Documents

A range of transparency requests show how hard Coke lobbies.

Dan Nosowitz
February 13, 2019
Competitive Virtual Farming Is an Actual Thing

Farming Simulator 19, a wildly popular game, is getting an esports league.

Dan Nosowitz
February 6, 2019
How Will the (Maybe Temporary) Reopening of the USDA and FDA Look?

The most important government offices in the food industry are open again, sort of.

Dan Nosowitz
February 1, 2019
Is Coffee Really Going Extinct?

A new paper finds a high extinction risk for coffee species.

Dan Nosowitz
January 30, 2019