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Study Finds People Will Eat More Vegetarian Food if Given the Choice

Public health and environmental advocates have for decades been attempting to get people, especially in... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 11, 2019
Irrigation Is Draining Rivers, Lakes and Streams

There are certain parts of the world that would be perfect for agriculture except for... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 10, 2019
Philadelphia Scientists Are Trying to Make Hoagies Healthier

Philadelphia cuisine is famous for its sandwiches. There’s really only one thing that all sandwiches... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 9, 2019
Trump Administration to Slap 25 Percent Tariffs on Some Nice European Foods

Huge tariffs seem to be the Trump administration’s preferred way to deal with economic or... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 8, 2019
Extreme ‘Flash Drought’ Hits Farmers in the Southeast

While the northern reaches of the continental United States are finally starting to feel a... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 7, 2019
Cattle Ranchers Are Calling Out the Trump Administration

It’s often said that the agriculture industry—farmers and ranchers—helped get Donald Trump elected. But after... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 4, 2019
Plastic Teabags Release Billions of Microplastic Particles

Microplastics—very small pieces of plastic, appropriately enough—are becoming a larger health concern than ever before.... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 3, 2019
FDA Proposes to Close Loophole on Antibiotics for Food-Producing Animals

The FDA is now about one year into its five-year plan to fight back against... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 2, 2019
Climate Change Could Send Wheat-Growing Areas Into Drought

For years, scientists have known that wheat is especially vulnerable to damage lent by climate... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
October 1, 2019