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Meet the Modern Farmer: Carlton Bridgeforth

This 32-year-old left Wall Street for the family farm in Alabama.

Miranda Crowell
September 21, 2017
Meet the Scientists Hunting and Saving Wild Sunflower Seeds

Follow a pair of scientists as they hit the road in search of the sunflower's... (more)

Nelson Harvey
August 7, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmers: Jason and Lynsey Kramer

Jason Kramer used to be a firefighter in Houston, “sitting around the station all day,... (more)

Amber Bartek
July 21, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Gilbert Pino

During the two decades Gilbert "Gilly” Pino spent as a railroad engineer in New Mexico,... (more)

Michael J. Dax
July 19, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Asia-Vinae Palmer

Meet Asia-Vinae Palmer, a head crew leader for Grow Dat, a nonprofit that mentors teens... (more)

Jeff Wells
June 29, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Lon Inaba

When Lon Inaba's grandfather, Shukichi Inaba, emigrated to Washington's Yakima Valley from Japan in 1907,... (more)

Debbie Weingarten
April 14, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Audrey Hitchcock

Audrey Hitchcock’s husband, Craig Ramini, left his Silicon Valley job in 2009 and reinvented himself... (more)

Robin Schatz
April 10, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmers: Rise & Root Farm

"When a community maintains its own food sources, the people can control so much more.”

Cathy Garrard
April 3, 2017
A Modern Farmer Conversation: The Wisdom of Wes Jackson, Founder of The...

An icon of enlightened farming in the corn belt ruminates on the origins of agriculture,... (more)

Brian Barth
March 3, 2017