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Tempted to ‘Panic Buy’ Some Chicks? Read This First

The desire to have a steady supply of farm fresh eggs amid scarce supermarket shelves... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
April 20, 2020
Want a Goat on Your Office Video Call? There’s a Service for...

What better way is there to spice up a mundane conference call than by throwing... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
April 16, 2020
Converting Forests into Farmland Could Increase Spread of Zoonotic Disease

COVID-19 has created a colossal public health crisis people are grappling with around the world.... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
April 10, 2020
Dairy Farmers Are Dumping Huge Amounts of Milk

Two weeks ago Patrick Grimshaw got a call from his local cooperative manager telling him... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
April 7, 2020
Researchers Say American Rivers Are Getting Sucked Dry by Beef Industry

Those who enjoy sinking their teeth into a juicy burger probably haven’t thought about how... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
March 7, 2020
This Ugly Fish Could Be The Future of Aquaculture

It’s a fish with a face that only a mother could love, but the monkeyface... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 25, 2020
Q&A: Can Cows Play a Positive Role in Sustainable Food Systems?

The beef and dairy industries have been popular targets of criticism when it comes to... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 31, 2020
New Chicken Book Shows Love Has No Boundaries With Top Model Poultry

Nothing says boundless love better than a flock of swanky chickens. At least that’s what... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 29, 2020
Kickstarting the Modern Farm

Our semi-regular round-up of interesting food and farming Kickstarter campaigns has returned. Inhabitants: An Indigenous... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
January 22, 2020