Alex Robinson, Author at Modern Farmer
Bayer to Stop Residential Sales of Glyphosate-Based Roundup by 2023

After years of litigation and controversy, Bayer has said it will remove current versions of... (more)

Alex Robinson
July 29, 2021
A Community of Plant Parents Grows in Confinement

In May 2020, Fernanda Meier walked into a nursery to buy a few plants that... (more)

Alex Robinson
March 1, 2021
From NFL Stardom to Family Farming

Sometimes when Jason Brown gives motivational talks at schools, students tell him he’s crazy.  The... (more)

Alex Robinson
February 7, 2021
Pandemic Brings Early Crowds to Christmas Tree Farms

When Todd Gannon opened the gates of his Christmas tree farm in South Dakota on... (more)

Alex Robinson
December 7, 2020
Meet These Afro-Indigenous Farmers Who Want to Fund Food Through Hemp

A.yoni Jeffries wants to make sure the names of her ancestors live on a hundred... (more)

Alex Robinson
November 22, 2020
4 Easy Veggies to Grow Inside

The gardening fun doesn’t have to stop because winter is coming.  If you have potted... (more)

Alex Robinson
September 19, 2020
Trump Administration Rejects Biofuel Exemptions for Small Refineries

The Environmental Protection Agency has rejected 54 requests for exemptions that would let small refineries... (more)

Alex Robinson
September 15, 2020
Americans are Receiving Mystery Seeds in the Mail From China

Unsolicited packages of seeds have shown up in residents’ mail across the United States, and... (more)

Alex Robinson
July 27, 2020
Year One: A Farm Can’t Survive Without Customers

Simply working outside with your hands and watching the seeds you plant grow into food... (more)

Alex Robinson
July 11, 2020