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Americans are Receiving Mystery Seeds in the Mail From China

The packages are often mislabeled as jewelry.

These packages of seeds have been showing up in residents' mail across the country in recent days.
Photography courtesy of the Washington State Department of Agriculture

Unsolicited packages of seeds have shown up in residents’ mail across the United States, and officials believe they came from China.

Many of these mystery parcels were mislabeled as jewelry and had Chinese writing on them. They’ve shown up in mailboxes in a growing number of states in recent days, including Kansas, Utah, Arizona, and Ohio, according to USA Today

The Kansas State Department of Agriculture is advising residents not to plant these seeds, as they could be invasive species. “Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment, displace or destroy native plants and insects and severely damage crops,” the department said in a press release. Officials also said to avoid opening the packages if they are still sealed. 

Police in Whitehouse, Ohio believe the seeds could be part of a “brushing” scam in which an online vendor sends unsolicited packages to someone in order to leave product reviews on that person’s behalf to boost the credibility of their online store.

Officials in the Washington State Department of Agriculture believe the seeds could be part of an agricultural smuggling scheme.

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1 year ago

The picture above are citrus seeds.

1 year ago

The U.S is the biggest market importer from China. It would be stupid of
China to kill the ‘Goose That Laid The Golden Egg”. I think it would be
more like a ‘Virus’ that would make ‘us’ act stupid in public!
For example, a virus that would make you (every time you say USA! USA!), it
would make you do this: Smack your forehead twice, pinch your left
nipple 3 times, smack your right ‘Butt cheek’ twice, scratch your arse,
and rub your private once. !!! That would be priceless for anyone but us

1 year ago

I think its modern

1 year ago

Those depicted in the picture are citrus seeds of some kind. They could only grow wild in Arizona if it has lots of rain but Arizona is a desert and the other states are too cold for them to survive. I disagree with the theory that are invasive species.

Nicola Gray
1 year ago


Nicola Gray
1 year ago

Interesting. We are from NZ and my husband purchased seeds that were supposed to be something … from memory pelargonium, and were sent goodness knows what! Planted them out in trial seed trays but nothing came up. I rather think we had seeds marked as jewellery as well. This happened over a year ago.

Ahmad Mahdavi
1 year ago

I imagine it is only a friendship message from China.

1 year ago

I meant to write about spiritual seed.