Tyler LeBlanc, Author at Modern Farmer
Eau de Tomato

A fragrance that will make you smell like your favorite fruit: tomato.

Tyler LeBlanc
November 20, 2014
Why the Name ‘Kaffir Lime’ Is Wildly Offensive to Many

Kaffir limes are quickly becoming popular in North America, but with the newfound popularity comes... (more)

Tyler LeBlanc
July 30, 2014
Why You Should Be Eating More Purple Cauliflower

This purple, colorful cauliflower isn't just a pretty face - it's also a superfood.

Tyler LeBlanc
July 22, 2014
7 Strange But True Food Disasters

Floods of molasses, torrents of beer and antifreeze in your wine? We take look at... (more)

Tyler LeBlanc
June 5, 2014
Why There’s a Black Market for Ramps in Quebec

Harvesting ramps has been illegal in Quebec for nearly 20 years -- which means there's... (more)

Tyler LeBlanc
June 2, 2014
Taking the Fear Out of Fermentation

We talk to Nicole Easterday, inventor of the FARMcurious fermenting set, a product she hopes... (more)

Tyler LeBlanc
May 29, 2014
Just How Much Dye Is in Your Food?

A new study shows just how much artificial dye we are eating everyday.

Tyler LeBlanc
May 22, 2014
Can Grape Seeds Help You Lose Weight?

A new report suggests that Chardonnay grape seeds could be packing a weight-loss secret.

Tyler LeBlanc
May 20, 2014
A Timeline of the Great Lime Shortage

We take a look at the history of this oddly-named disease and how it's contributing... (more)

Tyler LeBlanc
May 16, 2014