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Shoutout to All The Pear: U.S. Pear Farmers Thankful to Rick Ross

As rapper Rick Ross' much-vined catchphrase "shoutout to all the pear" goes viral, how will... (more)

Anna Roth
November 21, 2014
Hot Potatoes: New Nude Calendar From Bavarian Farmers

Nude and nearly nude women pose in compromising positions with potatoes.

Anna Roth
November 14, 2014
Before ‘Agrihoods’: America’s Odd History of Planned Communities

These new agrihoods have the potential to influence suburban life for decades to come.

Anna Roth
November 6, 2014
Halloween on the Farm: 8 DIY Costume Ideas

It's not too late to put together your own fabulous farm-themed costume.

Anna Roth
October 30, 2014
Liquid Gold: New Sensor Can Tell If Your Olive Oil’s Gone Bad

A palm-sized sensor might become an easy, inexpensive way to test whether your olive oil... (more)

Anna Roth
October 27, 2014
Toast in the Machine: Meet Your New Computer Chef Overlords

Two supercomputers are getting involved in the personal, intuitive process of cooking.

Anna Roth
October 13, 2014
Aussie Veterinarians Go Hog Wild in Naked Calendar

Australian students pose for a calendar wearing only chickens, cowboy hats and hay bales.

Anna Roth
October 2, 2014
Congratulations New Mom: It’s a Watermelon!

A hot pregnancy trend has roots in the field.

Anna Roth
September 26, 2014
Honey Could Cure Your Infections

Fresh honey may be able to achieve what modern medicine can't.

Anna Roth
September 17, 2014