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The Inside Story of a “Juror Revolt” in Amish Raw Milk Trial

The criminal misdemeanor trial of Wisconsin raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger that drew national media... (more)

David Gumpert
June 13, 2013
Will the Senate Help Fund Food Stamps at Farmers Markets?

Double Up Food Bucks is a pilot program in Michigan that effectively doubles the spending... (more)

Jake Swearingen
June 10, 2013
The Week in Farm Crime: Purloined Pork, Kidnapped Chicks, and Father-Son Cattle...

Modern Farmer’s semi-irregular look at agricultural malfeasance from around the world. Purloined Pork: Police in... (more)

Jake Swearingen
June 7, 2013
After the Tornado, Farm Cleanup Can Take Years

When an EF4-strength tornado hit Northern Kentucky last year, a horrific piece of debris landed... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
June 7, 2013
What American Hog Farmers Think of the Smithfield Deal

With a Chinese company poised to buy America's largets pork producer, we talked to hog... (more)

Even Rogers Pay
June 6, 2013
Floods Soak Farms Around the Globe

Little time has passed since farm headlines were dominated by drought and water shortage. Now,... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
June 5, 2013
Ben & Jerry’s Says No to GMOs

Ben & Jerry's announced it will stop using genetically-modified ingredients in its ice cream by... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
June 3, 2013
The Week in Farm Crime: Missing Minks, Cattle Rustling in India, and...

Modern Farmer's semi-irregular look at agricultural malfeasance from around the world.

Jake Swearingen
May 31, 2013
Smithfield Will Bring Home China’s Bacon, But at What Cost?

Yesterday, Shuanghui International, China’s biggest pork producer, announced it would buy Smithfield Foods, America’s biggest... (more)

Rebecca Flint Marx
May 30, 2013