Francesca Shanks, Author at Modern Farmer
Review: The Food Activist Handbook

How to build a better community through food, according to author Ali Berlow.

Francesca Shanks
July 27, 2015
Review: Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is a new edition of a classic, and it's a... (more)

Francesca Shanks
June 18, 2015
Review: The Silver Spoon: Puglia

Puglia is the heel of the Italian boot, its coast running along the Ionian Sea.... (more)

Francesca Shanks
June 8, 2015
Review: Ancient Grains

The grains you see at your average grocery store are just the tip of the... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 30, 2015
Review: Growing Beautiful Food

Farmer and photographer Matthew Benson, a fierce proponent of organic farming, gives us an intimate... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 13, 2015
Review: The Mangalitsa Pig: Royalty is Coming to America

This book is a love letter to a unique Hungarian pig breed, a breed whose... (more)

Francesca Shanks
May 1, 2015
Review: Blue Ribbon Canning: Award-Winning Recipes

Blue Ribbon Canning includes interesting creations from award-winning canners across the United States. There's strawberry... (more)

Francesca Shanks
April 17, 2015
Review: The Rabbit-Raising Problem Solver

Keeping a pet rabbit is easy - you can even train it to use a... (more)

Francesca Shanks
April 8, 2015
Review: The Nourishing Homestead

The Nourishing Homestead reads as part back-to-the-land missive, part guide to the workings of a... (more)

Francesca Shanks
April 2, 2015