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Would You Eat Vegan Lab Cheese?

In California, a group of biohackers is developing the first synthesized milk protein to make... (more)

Monica Kim
July 15, 2014
Can You Eat Fainting Goats?

Should the Tennessee fainting goat be bred for meat or for meme?

Monica Kim
July 10, 2014
Important Questions About That Potato Salad Kickstarter

How does one make enough potato salad for thousands of people around the world ”“... (more)

Monica Kim
July 8, 2014
How to Find the Season’s Best Berries

The secret to finding consistently delicious berries is not as simple as buying local or... (more)

Monica Kim
June 20, 2014
Why Don’t We Eat Swans Anymore?

Swans have been a taboo food for hundreds of years, but they've recently become an... (more)

Monica Kim
May 9, 2014
Sticker Shock: Vermont First State to OK GMO Labeling

First introduced in the 1990s, genetically modified crops are optimized in the lab for countless... (more)

Monica Kim
April 30, 2014