Molly Birnbaum, Author at Modern Farmer
Fermentation Farm

The oldest form of food preparation makes a return.

Molly Birnbaum
September 24, 2014
Making Argentinian Grills for American Cooks

The secret to Argentinian grills? Simple grates positioned over a wood fire, a cooking method... (more)

Molly Birnbaum
July 2, 2014
Local Grain

Reviving a lost tradition in the Northeast: growing grain.

Molly Birnbaum
March 19, 2014
Pork Cuts 101: A Diagram

Expert butcher Tom Mylan talks pork with Modern Farmer, walking us through the commonly sold... (more)

Molly Birnbaum
March 12, 2014
2014: What Chefs are Excited About

Learn what top chefs want to eat in 2014

Molly Birnbaum
December 31, 2013
The Modern Farmer Pie Chart of Pies

Our guide to eating seasonally - through pie!

Molly Birnbaum
November 13, 2013
In Season: Tomatoes

Welcome to Modern Farmer's new harvest column, in which we highlight what is seasonal, talk... (more)

Molly Birnbaum
September 25, 2013
Operation Agriculture

Pictured above: Major Cheryl Wachenheim examines sheep in Zabul Province, Afghanistan When most National Guard... (more)

Molly Birnbaum
May 15, 2013