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One Trip Click: This Week’s Top Stories

The stories below have us all talking. Give ’em a read and you'll be talking, too.

The EPA’s New Clean Water Rule and Why Agribusiness Wants to Overturn It
The EPA, the Constitution, and clean water. What it all means.

The Quest To Reintroduce Biblical Sheep To Israel
The Jacob sheep is a four-horned beauty of biblical proportions. Meet the couple trying to bring them back to Israel.


Lavern Kelley: Farmer, Artist
The folk artist split his time between making tiny models of tractors and working his farm on life-size ones. Get to know him a little better.


Farming Hops During The Ultra-Hoppy Beer Craze
We are currently in the midst of an IPA craze where hops is king and farmers can make a tidy profit – if they know what they’re doing.

Meet the Modern Farmer: Emigdio Ballon
Meet a man who considers farming an honor, and an ode to his long indigenous heritage.


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