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More Cowbell: From Herdsman’s Tool to Cultural Icon

How did the cowbell become, you know, "more cowbell"?

Lori Rotenberk
October 7, 2013
Sheep of Animal-Obsessed Artist Flock to NYC

Sheep take over a New York City gas station -- in the name of art.

Sam Brasch
October 4, 2013
Endless Summer: How to Farm in Cold Weather

Modern Farmer talks to Jack Algiere, Four Season Farm Director at Stone Barns Center for... (more)

Modern Farmer
October 4, 2013
Why Monsanto Spent $1 Billion on Climate Data

Going beyond seeds to data farming.

Dan Mitchell
October 2, 2013
Why Rural Broadband Means You Can Now Buy a Bull Online

The speed of your broadband can make the difference between winning and losing at a... (more)

Christopher Weber
October 2, 2013
Back to (Farm) School

Farm schools are springing up all around the globe for aspiring farmers from non-traditional backgrounds.... (more)

Modern Farmer
October 2, 2013

Global warming will dictate the world's salad bar in the future - and scientists are... (more)

Julia Scott
September 30, 2013
The Dairy Barn, Redesigned

Cornell University's barn innovation makes cow (and humans) happy

Gregory Cerio
September 30, 2013
20 Farm Horses From the Past

Goat Week ended last Friday, and we’re finally ready to celebrate other animals again. All... (more)

Francis Dougherty
September 27, 2013