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Opinion: In American Agriculture, Size Matters

Small farmers are struggling. For decades, they’ve been told to “get big or get out,”... (more)

Brooks Lamb
September 6, 2023
Opinion: Cyberattacks Could Put Our Food Supply at Risk. Preparedness is Key

Advances in agriculture technology have allowed farmers to do incredible things in recent years. Beyond... (more)

Charles Eagan
August 23, 2023
Opinion: As the Heat Rises, We Must Do Better at Protecting Agricultural...

On a hot day in Florida in 2016, Haitian tomato picker Jean Francais Alcime fell... (more)

Joan Flocks
July 28, 2023
Opinion: ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ Is All the Rage, but It’s Not Going to...

Decades of industrial agriculture have caused environmental and social damage across the globe. Soils have... (more)

Anja Bless, The Conversation
May 10, 2023
Why Don’t American Farmers Embrace Peasant Farming?

Last June, I quit my office job and booked a flight to France. I was... (more)

Nicole Grennan
February 21, 2023
Feed Ingredient for Dairy Cows Could Prove Harmful

Each year, New Zealand imports about 2 million tonnes of palm kernel expeller (PKE), a... (more)

Hadee Thompson-Morrison, Brett Robinson, Sally Gaw
January 7, 2023
Bees Are Starving After Extreme Weather Events

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original... (more)

Jennie L. Durant
November 9, 2022
Opinion: The Rise of Precision Agriculture Exposes Our Food System to New...

Bringing advanced technologies to the ancient practice of farming could help feed the world’s growing... (more)

Austin C. Doctor and George Grispos
August 14, 2022
Opinion: Community and School Gardens Don’t Magically Sprout Bountiful Benefits

Gardens require a huge amount of labor, and outcomes like health, well-being or food security... (more)

Mitchell McLarnon
August 5, 2022