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Fiddleheads, Not Spinach

We are crouched on our hands and knees, ripping out lettuce at Andrew’s Farm in... (more)

Darcy Duda
May 17, 2024
Meet the Arizona Nonprofit Working to Transform Urban Food Deserts

Across the Phoenix metro area, citrus trees sag under the weight of more produce than... (more)

Theresa "Sam" Houghton
March 29, 2024
Meet the Farmer Championing Fair Food Prices While Fighting Food Insecurity

“Everyone used to joke that I would deliver my second child in my station wagon... (more)

Michelle Colman
December 22, 2023
Meet the Taro Farmer Restoring an Ecosystem Through Native Hawaiian Practices

Sprouting deep within the verdant pleats of Oʻahu’s Koʻolau Mountains, Heʻeia stream winds through Kakoʻo... (more)

Naoki Nitta
December 15, 2023
Bird Flu is Spiking Again. Here’s What Producers and Industry Are Doing...

Mandy Melnyk has made some changes to her egg and poultry business in the last... (more)

Emily Baron Cadloff
December 8, 2023
Where Corn and Soybeans are King, Some Farmers See ‘Unconventional’ Future

This story was originally published on Investigate Midwest. Corn and soybeans dominate the Hawkeye State’s... (more)

Pat Kinney, Investigate Midwest
November 3, 2023
These Nebraska Tribes Are Buying Back Farmland and Attempting to Reverse History

Aaron LaPointe sits behind a desk in the Little Priest Tribal College’s library basement in... (more)

Destiny Herbers, Flatwater Free Press
October 19, 2023
Seattle’s Black Farmers Collective Nurtures Communities and Crops

On a drizzly November day, Masra Clamoungou, the farm manager for Small Axe Farm, was... (more)

Syris Valentine, High Country News
September 8, 2023
‘A Silent Killer’: How Saltwater Intrusion is Overtaking Coastal Farmland in the...

Eerily empty, abandoned fields stretch across the coast of the southeast United States, replacing once... (more)

Peggy Chen
August 31, 2023