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How To Tie 4 Useful Knots

Farming equipment doesn't get any cheaper than rope. Here's four simple knots you can use... (more)

Cheryl Morrison
June 26, 2014
How to Find the Season’s Best Berries

The secret to finding consistently delicious berries is not as simple as buying local or... (more)

Monica Kim
June 20, 2014
Dear Modern Farmer: How Do I Legally Start a CSA?

Dear Modern Farmer: I've been growing fruits and veggies for my family, but would like... (more)

Kristen Ploetz
May 12, 2014
How to Build a Barn Owl Nest

If you are looking to rid your property of rodents, may we suggest a solution:... (more)

Anita B. Stone
May 7, 2014
How to Recycle a Hen

Few people would willingly pitch themselves headfirst into a chicken cage, but Jane Howorth did... (more)

Emma Bryce
May 5, 2014
How To Build a Fence

Brian Reiff has been in the fencing business for most of his life, but if... (more)

Dina Rudick
April 10, 2014
The Flowchart to Finding Your Perfect Fence

Not sure which fence is right for you? Never fear, we've got a flowchart to... (more)

Dina Rudick
April 10, 2014
How to Find the Right Solar Panel for You

Get all (or at least most) of the energy you need, right from the sun.

Andrew Jenner
April 9, 2014
How To: Build a Birdhouse

This simple birdhouse provides all of that for the birds as well as a clean,... (more)

Spike Carlsen
April 2, 2014