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How to Start a Worm Bin

Give new life to your own garbage - and avoid landfills - if you compost.... (more)

Jacoba Charles
March 25, 2014
How To Make Raised Beds

Get ready for the growing season with a quick how-to on making raised beds.

Ann Marie Gardner
March 19, 2014
Dear Modern Farmer: Is It Legal to Slaughter a Pig in My...

Dear Boaris, As you might remember, I briefly touched upon backyard slaughter of poultry back... (more)

Kristen Ploetz
March 11, 2014
How to Find and Cook a Heritage Chicken

Everything old is new again, with farmers and eaters rediscovering heritage breeds of chickens. Here's... (more)

Lisa Munniksma
March 6, 2014
How to Roast a Goat

For the past two summers I have hosted a goat roast on the 4-acre farm... (more)

Marjory Sweet
February 6, 2014
Dear Modern Farmer: Can I Use a Drone on My Farm?

Dear Skye, Drones in agriculture are undoubtedly a hot topic, whether it be at soils... (more)

Kristen Ploetz
February 5, 2014
How to Ship a Cow

Here's how you ship 195 dairy cows to the Persian Gulf.

Audra Clemons
January 15, 2014
How to Set Up a Home Generator

With wild weather on the rise, home generators are no longer just a convenience, but... (more)

Andrew Jenner
January 14, 2014
Dear Modern Farmer: Is It Legal to Cut Down a Christmas Tree...

Want a Christmas tree fresh from an actual forest? You're in luck. The federal government... (more)

Kristen Ploetz
December 18, 2013