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13 Vintage Photos of Combines

Old photos of a farmer's favorite tool for harvest.

Rebecca Katzman
August 8, 2014
FoodCorps Teaches Kids to Grow Their Own Food

FoodCorps has hopped on the farm-to-school bandwagon in a major way.

Rebecca Katzman
July 31, 2014
10 Vintage Photos of Farmers Baling Hay

In the heat of haying season, we sifted through the Library of Congress archives to... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
July 25, 2014
15 Vintage Portraits of Farmers in Overalls

A dive into the Library of Congress Archives to bring you 15 vintage photos of... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
July 11, 2014
The Last Year of the Ranch: Documenting the Meike Brothers

Documentarians seek to chronicle the stories and practices two elderly brothers during their final year... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
July 1, 2014
Creating Urban Green Space, One Tile at a Time

A new DIY kit uses simple tile planters to turn urban space into an instant... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
June 24, 2014
Meet Milo, Our Runner-Up Cover Dog

Meet Milo, the beautiful Maremma Sheepdog who was runner-up for the cover of our summer... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
June 13, 2014
14 Vintage Photos of 4-H Kids

With county fair season just around the corner, we took a dive into the Library... (more)

Rebecca Katzman
May 30, 2014