14 Vintage Photos of 4-H Kids

Walking sheep for a 4-H project, ca. 1982.

From raising sheep to cultivating castor beans, 4-H has been bringing youngsters together to teach valuable lessons in agriculture, homesteading and other important life skills for over a century.

With county fair season just around the corner, we took a dive into the Library of Congress archives to bring you vintage pictures of 4-H kids honing their crafts.


A 4-H boy poses with his calf, ca. 1942.



A young man in Kentucky raises castor bean plants as part of his 4-H project, ca. 1943.
sewing class ca
A 4-H sewing class, ca. 1978.


Cimarron Kansas ca

Girls at a 4-H fair in Cimarron, Kansas ca. August 1939.



A 4-H family bring pig, sheep and poultry to their annual West Virginia fair, ca. 1921.



Showing a calf at a 4-H club fair in central Iowa, ca. 1939.



Chasing sheep, ca. 1978.



4-H boys tend to their cows at the Vermont state fair, ca. 1937.



A 4-H advisor helps a boy examine the quality of his sheep’s fleece, ca. October 1921.



A 4-H club cooking demonstration, ca. 1941.



Club members giving their 4-H pledge, ca. 1940.



A young girl in Creek County, Oklahoma works on her 4-H sewing project, ca. 1940.



A 4-H club pie eating contest, ca. 1939.

14 Vintage Photos of 4-H Kids