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Things We Love: Flower Cocktail Kit

Happy hour just got a lot more interesting

Floral Elixir Company's all-natural elixirs blend flowers and botanical extracts with a touch of pure cane sugar to punch up your cocktail, mocktail, or tea.

Handcrafted in 10-gallon batches, the company’s all-natural elixirs blend flowers and botanical extracts (like hibiscus and lavender) with a touch of pure cane sugar. The resulting infusions taste less sugary than most simple syrups, with delicate floral notes and a citrusy finish.

The company offers 14 flavors like lemon verbena, tropical orchid, jasmine, and juniper berry, in 8.5-ounce bottles, but its range of kits give you the option to play around with a handful of flavors before committing. The Floral Classic Flower Cocktail Kit is perfect for mixologist newbies – it bundles five 2-ounce bottles of the company’s most popular flavors, including cherry blossom, violet, rose, lavender, and rosehip. If you generally stick to one spirit, there are kits that pair specifically with vodka, gin, and whiskey, as well as champagne and wine. There’s even a Tiki Lounge sampler that features tropical orchid and orange blossom syrups, among others.

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Need some pairing suggestions? Try the aromatic violet or lavender syrups, which feature hints of berries, with Prosecco, Cava, or a dry white wine. For mixed drinks, fill a cocktail shaker with ice, two to three ounces of good vodka or gin, and ½ ounce of any floral elixir and shake until chilled; strain and serve over fresh crushed ice with a generous splash of club soda or tonic.

Don’t drink? No problem. Mocktails benefit from the flowery potions, too: Fill a tall glass with ice, six ounces of sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea, or lemonade, then add three generous dashes of bitters and ½ ounce of any of the floral elixirs; stir to combine and garnish with fresh lemon or lime.

Available in eight different combinations, Flower Cocktail Kits cost $29, Single flavor bottles sell for $15 for 8.5 ounces;

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