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This French Startup Wants to be the Future of Foie Gras

In 2010, Rémy Burcelin was mulling over research results in his laboratory when he made... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
November 18, 2019
New App Aims To Help Farmers Deal With Climate Change

As climate change brings even more unpredictability to farming across the world, a new mobile... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
November 14, 2019
Transforming a Hawaiian Community Through Farming

Cheryse Kaui Sana often thinks about how different her life would have been if she... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
November 8, 2019
Colorado Cooking School Melds Culinary Craft With Local Farming

Dawn Broeder believes that eating, cooking and purchasing locally produced food is one of the... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
November 6, 2019
New York City to Ban Foie Gras

New Yorkers will have to say au revoir to foie gras come 2022. This week,... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
November 1, 2019
‘Growing Good Food’ Tackles Backyard Carbon Farming

It took Acadia Tucker six years before she mastered carbon farming and she doesn’t want... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
October 31, 2019
This Colorado Rum Distillery Looks to Put Planet Before Profit

Karen Hoskin spent more than a decade helping others get their brands off the ground... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
October 29, 2019
New ‘Chaos Map’ Shows Global Violent Unrest From Food Insecurity

Food and water insecurity have already caused much death and violence around the world, but... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
October 25, 2019
Amazon Has Apparently Been Shipping Expired Food To Customers

Amazon is under fire after sending customers groceries past their expiry date. Recent reporting by... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
October 23, 2019