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Researchers Say American Rivers Are Getting Sucked Dry by Beef Industry

Those who enjoy sinking their teeth into a juicy burger probably haven’t thought about how... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
March 7, 2020
This California Farm Helps The Homeless Get Off The Streets

Michael Laffoon has a vivid memory of the day he decided to piece his life... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
March 2, 2020
How a Blind Woman Adopted a Life in Farming

There are certain sensory moments that have shaped Rebecca Blaevoet’s understanding of farm work that... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
March 1, 2020
This Ugly Fish Could Be The Future of Aquaculture

It’s a fish with a face that only a mother could love, but the monkeyface... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 25, 2020
The Latest in Farm Crime Stories

From illegal horse butchering to a fatal rooster attack, here’s a round-up of notable farming-related... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 24, 2020
New Study Says Adding Grocery Stores Would Reduce City Food Waste

New research suggests opening more grocery stores could be a simple solution to the monstrous... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 13, 2020
Plants That Defy the ‘Rules of Ecology’ Could Survive Climate Change

The old saying “rules are made to be broken” has taken on a new meaning... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 12, 2020
Cherokee Nation Sends Traditional Seeds to Doomsday Crop Vault in Norway

The Cherokee Nation will be the first Indigenous tribe in North America to deposit a... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 7, 2020
Dogs Could Save the Citrus Industry From a Devastating Disease

Researchers think they may have found a way to sniff out a disease that is... (more)

Lindsay Campbell
February 4, 2020