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Regulators Vote To Halt All Pacific Sardine Fishing

A lack of sardines has led to starving sea lions, pelicans and fishermen. What's going... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
April 17, 2015
Could Kona Coffee’s Southern Brother Be The Next Big Thing?

Kona may have gone out of fashion, but kau coffee, from the same island, hopes... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
April 16, 2015
Is Someone Stealing Water From California’s Delta?

How does California still not know how much of its water is going where?

Dan Nosowitz
April 14, 2015
Spoiler Alert: New USDA App Helps Fight Food Waste

"Alert: Your peas will go bad in 1 day. Eat your peas, citizen."

Dan Nosowitz
April 10, 2015
New Jersey Police Arrest Disorderly Goat

An easy way to get arrested in New Jersey is to headbutt a door repeatedly.

Dan Nosowitz
April 8, 2015
Will Soybeans Surpass Corn As America’s Biggest Crop?

Goodbye King Corn, hello Sir Soybean?

Dan Nosowitz
April 8, 2015
Welcome To The New World Of Farm Drones

A relatively inexpensive app, compatible with popular drones, could save farmers time and money.

Dan Nosowitz
April 7, 2015