Animals speak louder than words.

Animal Heroes

Winston of Willowick - America's First Therapeutic Chicken
BigB of McCormick Research

Celebrity Gentlemen Farmers: They're Just Like...

Three famous farmers, and a bit of info about their farms.
Modern Farmer
February 11, 2014

Do You Know the History of...

"Don't have a cow" has been around for far longer than Bart Simpson.
Marissa Conrad

Raising Backyard Chickens for Dummies

Blogger Jason Price recounts the ups and downs of his backyard chicken rearing adventure.
Jason Price

New Zealand Farmer Paints With Sheep

A totally new medium for protest art.
Dan Nosowitz

Raising Sheep Right: Modern Farmer's Sheep...

A guide to picking the best sheep breed for you and the questions you need to ask.
Brian Barth