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Things We Love: Republic of Tea Daily Greens Single Sips

It's like green juice: but way easier.

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Each of the Daily Green packets contains organic moringa, matcha, spirulina, and chlorella as well as organic agave inulin, a prebiotic said to support intestinal health. Organic coconut flavor along with lemon, mint, and monk fruit give the drink its minty, subtle fruit finish.

You can add the packets, which boasts 1 billion CFUs and 20 calories each, to hot beverages, stirring with a fork or small whisk to fully incorporate, or simply enjoy the refreshing green-juice ingredients on the fly by adding the probiotic powder straight into a chilled water bottle and giving it a vigorous shake (it might taste chalky otherwise). A two-week supply of Daily Green Single Sips, packaged in a recyclable PET canister, costs $19.99; or

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4 years ago

A pre-packaged SPOONFUL of yet another thing.
The world is getting trashed by this kind of packaging nonsense. If you can’t scoop a spoonful of loose powder out of a container and mix it into liquid, I dunno what to say. Yes, I’m also writing to Republic of Tea.

4 years ago

I am with you! No more unnecessary plastic packaging please.

Erika davis
3 years ago

What I don’t love about these is that they are not just single sip, but single use plastic or laminated packages. There MUST be a way to make these convenient items that does not contribute to the ever-growing mountains of plastic waste!

Heidi Dixon
3 years ago

Agreed, Thank you on the below comments for this reality shift. At first I thought, how cool, but your absolutely right. We have got to be smarter about this whole “convenience thing”.

4 years ago

yea! im on board with what them! less packaging and more product in the package

2 years ago

I think you have done your best and explain very well way. Thank you for making this article and give us opportunity for reading this one.

3 years ago

What is the shelf life? Could they be stored in a disaster pantry?

3 years ago

Love this! So amazing when you travel!