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Can Milk Make Movember Less Annoying?

A milk mustache that means something.

Behold MoDairy, a tiny subset of this month’s whisker affront. Launched by a cow waterbed company (do not worry; we will get there), MoDairy lends the milk mustache some serious gravitas.

For those who avoid any sort of viral-hipster awareness campaigns, the Movember Foundation raises awareness for men’s health issues, especially male cancers, by encouraging dudes to sprout a ‘stache during the month of November. Or something.

We still don’t get it, to be honest, but we do know this: all that superfluous facial hair in our Facebook feed got mighty tiresome last year. So, can dairy carry the day?

Take it away, MoDairy founder Amy Throndsen.

“Dairy farmers have less awareness as to signs and symptoms [of cancer], likely have less frequent medical examinations and simply are often more focused on the care of their cows and crops than they are of their own health,” Throndsen wrote in a press release, explaining MoDairy’s raison d’etre. Considering that 92 percent of of U.S. dairy producers are men, the cause does resonate. And lest you’re wary of cow-towing to the corporate dairy industry, MoDairy is a tiny coalition of just 11 dairy industry and dairy-related Wisconsin companies.

(Okay, cow waterbed time! Throndsen is the director of international sales for DCC Waterbeds, a producer of large-scale, dual-chamber waterbeds that allow milking cows to rest in greater comfort. Dairy farmers firmly believe that more relaxed Bessies produce higher-quality milk. We believe we’ve found our next great investment.)

So how can you show your wooly support for the MoDairy campaign? Face fur aside, you can submit your favorite mustache-superimposed-on-a-cow photo to the Facebook page; each photo earns a $5 Movember donation, and the photo with the most likes at the end of the month earns its creator a canvas print from Steel Cow. Or you can throw a MoDairy party, which as far as we can tell looks just like a normal Movember party but presumably demands a far more kick-ass cheese platter.

MoDairy, mo’ problems.

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