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13 Classic Cattle Pics

Moo-chos graçias, Library of Congress! Join the gang at the Modern Farmer and gawk, gaze and gloat at these thirteen reserved and respected grazers.                       ShareTweetPinEmail110 Shares

Moo-chos graçias, Library of Congress! Join the gang at the Modern Farmer and gawk, gaze and gloat at these thirteen reserved and respected grazers.
Head of Cow

Ahead of the crowd. This fine bovine shows its head thanks to the Detroit publishing company, ca. 1890.


Cow Pasture Mt. Clements

Steering in the right direction. This group heard the truth: the grass is never greener on the other side. Especially On the Mt. Clements Pasture, ca. 1880.


Swiss Cheese

We’re not sure about the photographic merit of this one, but the Swiss do know the picturesque when they behold it. Swiss Cheese gratuity of the Grindelwald, ca. 1890.


Cow grazing in the hall of a thousand colums temple of siv

Once again, a cow comfortably grazing in the temple of Siv, while also posing for William Henry Jackson, ca. 1895.


puits a roue en Egypte

This demure bovine is watching over the initial construction of a shadoof, used for irrigation, somewhere in Egypt. Ca. between 1867 to 1899.


Colorado Cow

Louis Charles McClure captures the pastoral cow in Colorado. Simply beautiful. ca. 1890.


A fine cow

Rearing his head on the grassy plains, this ox was captured by Theodor Horydczak. He amassed some 14,350 photographs depicting the active life of the Washington metropolitan area between the 1920’s and 40’s.



This African bull means business. The Long Horned cow can shoot an intimidating glare at the camera, especially ca. 1900.


Normandy Cow

Just to get a glimpse of the lighter side, this Normandy cow strikes quite the majestic pose – britches and all! Whatta gal, ca. 1900.


Cows Grazing

Another shot from the Horydczak collection. This herd looks happy to pose for the fella, ca 1920. As long as there’s good grass to graze!

Iraq coqs at river 1932

Here’s a peek at some cows and a full-on river, ca. 1932 in Iraq! These guys and gals get the special water spa treatment.


Greene County Georgia 1942

This pretty girl lights up a smile all on her own. Quite the charmer from Greene County Georgia, ca. 1941. A real winner.


Alice Calhoun and Cow 1900

This couple’s a little cuter than the last, but who wouldn’t be glad to be tucked under this gal’s arm, ca. 1920? Alice Beatrice Calhoun was a silent film actress from Ohio! Even the fella in the back is udderly eager to be in the shot.
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