Jessica Leigh Hester, Author at Modern Farmer
Meet the Modern Farmer: Ryan Eddinger

Not everything should be grown hydroponically, suggests Ryan Eddinger. His water-grown lettuces are a sure... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
January 20, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Nate O’Neil

Nate O'Neil is a 40-something farmer who grows 70-odd crops, some of which with dry-growing... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
December 30, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: Nat Turner

This former New York City social studies teacher established a half-acre learning farm in New... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
December 28, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmers: Asa Thomas-Train and Courtney Grimes-Sutton

Before buying a farm and raising her own meat animals, Courtney was a butcher.

Jessica Leigh Hester
December 18, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: Susan Paykin

She changed her path from policy to planting.

Jessica Leigh Hester
October 29, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: Kenny Likitprakong

This former surf bum grew up romping through his uncle's vineyard, and now has a... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
October 28, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: Jamila Norman

Meet Jamila Norman, who shows kids what cool things come out of the ground in... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
October 21, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: John Ross

"Climbing ladders with two 20-pound bags of apples is better than any gym,” says the... (more)

Jessica Leigh Hester
October 13, 2015
Meet the Modern Farmer: John Huschle

Meet John Huschle, a farmer from Carnation, Washington.

Jessica Leigh Hester
October 6, 2015