Andrew Jenner, Author at Modern Farmer
An Abandoned Quarry Above Rio’s Olympic Village Finds New Life as an...

The organic food movement in Brazil is relatively tiny - but growing at a breakneck... (more)

Andrew Jenner
August 19, 2016
In the Name of Research, We Spent the Day Eating and Drinking...

It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Andrew Jenner
August 17, 2016
Reporting from Rio: Q&A with Chef Rafa Costa e Silva

We chat with the Michelin-starred chef about farming, local produce, gold-medal cuisine, and, of course,... (more)

Andrew Jenner
August 16, 2016
This Rio Restaurant Feeds the Homeless, but Soup Kitchen It Is Not

The basic concept behind Refettorio Gastromotiva is simple: feed Rio de Janeiro's homeless population with... (more)

Andrew Jenner
August 15, 2016
This Gnarly, Mutant Corn Plant Could Have Serious Implications on Yields

In case you missed the recent paper on maize organ primordia in the journal Nature... (more)

Andrew Jenner
May 17, 2016
Fresh, Local, On-Demand, and Cheap: A Brazilian Recipe for Change

As the organic movement takes off, two Brazilian entrepreneurs concoct a CSA remix.

Andrew Jenner
January 19, 2016
Scientists Figured Out Why Beefsteak Tomatoes are So Huge

Here's what that could mean for giant Pumpkins - and the global food supply.

Andrew Jenner
June 4, 2015
Outlaw Chickens Show a Chicken Gym No Mercy

Chickens have New Year's fitness resolutions, too.

Andrew Jenner
January 13, 2015
Rent or Buy? The Beginning Farmer’s Rock and Hard Place

Debating whether to purchase or rent the farmland of your dreams? Here are some pros... (more)

Andrew Jenner
December 4, 2014