My name is Frank Giustra. I am the owner of Modern Farmer magazine. When we decided to launch this magazine seven years ago, it was due to our love and passion for food. We had a hunch that a large and growing segment of the population shared our feelings and wanted to know more about where their food came from. They wanted to understand, trust and have a connection to their food source.

I grew up on the Mediterranean diet, which is considered one of the healthiest diets in the world. My parents grew every vegetable imaginable and my mother was an amazing cook. Her influence led me into the world of cooking and now I consider it my main hobby. I have owned farms and ranches, and make an award-winning olive oil. My business and philanthropy takes me to all corners of the planet, so I have had the opportunity to try almost every cuisine on earth. In short, food is my one true love.

I believe that we are all modern farmers now. As our world becomes more interconnected, we become increasingly dependent on each other. We’re becoming more responsible for our actions. The decisions we take every day—what we grow, what we buy, what we eat—affect our environment and each other. We are all playing a role in our food chain, and we are all stewards of our land.

Modern Farmer covers stories that impact the food world and I feel very strongly about a number of issues that pertain to food, like climate change, food security, and the role of immigrants in the farming world. On the lighter side, I love to share my unique recipe ideas and some of my food experiences from around the world. I’ll be contributing these ideas in a regular column, To be Frank.

I hope you will read my stories and please feel free to comment or ask questions. I would love the feedback. I am looking forward to this and will post my first piece shortly.

Stay tuned.