Is Goat CrossFit the Next Logical Step After Goat Yoga? You Decide.

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DaNelle Wolford's Goat Crossfit

Goats, it seems, are the perfect partners for exercise. They don't judge, they're almost always up for a workout, and they're goofy weirdos who, it turns out, like hanging out with us.

Farmer DaNelle Wolford, who raises goats, lambs, and chickens on an a small plot in Phoenix, Arizona, has taken the shockingly enduring trend of goat yoga and pushed it to the logical next step: goat CrossFit. Planks, curls, wheelbarrows, something that looks like a seesaw—basically, she’s figured out how to integrate goats into a full workout, even if they seem to want to eat her hair during some of the exercises.

Wolford’s first tip is that, much like humans, some goats hate CrossFit, so be sure to pick the right one. She goes on to say that the smaller ones are easier to lift—the bigger ones are just “too damn heavy.” #ProTip!

Check out one of Wolford’s workouts in the video above—you can tell by how out of breath she is that it’s obviously a tough one.

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Now that you’ve read this far, it’s probably time to mention that this was, in fact, an April Fools’ Day joke from earlier this year. But given that it’s #GoatWeek here at Modern Farmer, we still wanted to give a shoutout to a fun idea. Check out more of Wolford’s videos, many of which are super helpful and educational, like “Buying a Milking Goat: Everything you need to Know,” over at her YouTube page “Weed ‘Em and Reap.” Get moving!

Is Goat CrossFit the Next Logical Step After Goat Yoga? You Decide.