The New and Improved GoatCam!

They’re baaaaaack! Pick up an official ModFarm Goat Week t-shirt.

Remember Goat Week? It was a time of innocence and glory, when America fell in love with Modern Farmer‘s GoatCam, featuring the freewheeling goats of Pelican Acres. Everyone from the Pentagon to the coolhunters at New York Magazine were smitten with Leopard Print, Lacy, and the rest of the gang. GoatCam helped people cope with the government shutdown, while we all learned about the miracle of goatbirth.

But life is change, people, and it’s time to say goodbye to Pelican Acres. Farmer Karen Las has opted to take her camera down for the long Minnesota winter, and we’re learning to cope. Luckily, thanks to the kind folks at GoatsLive, we found a replacement, in sunny Brooksville, Florida! Meet Molly and Joy-Joy, a couple of playful mini-Saanens (cross between Saanens and Nigerian Dwarf goats). They are crazy half-sisters, full of mischief, easy to love.

Bonus features:

Picture quality: The picture quality is a significant improvement, and it’s in color.
Responsive camera: If Molly and Joy-Joy go outside, the camera follows them. (You’ll never stare at an empty barn again.)
Sound: One afternoon, our emo editorial staff was mesmerized by the combination of sleeping goats and falling rain noises.
Chickens: Sometimes these goats hang out with chickens and turkeys; it’s a barnyard jamboree!

Remember: Always look at the goats! (Especially while wearing a ModFarm Goat t-shirt.)

The New and Improved GoatCam!