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Farm Crime: What Do Chinese Citizens Want with American Seeds?

Reading last week's ag news about two high-profile seed thefts, you might think the ghost... (more)

Sam Brasch
December 17, 2013
Is the Economic Recovery Leaving Rural America Behind?

The shifts in our economy are changing the urban/rural divide from a tenuous line to... (more)

Sam Brasch
December 5, 2013
How a Chest of Ancient Grains Changed Baking History

How the discovery of a chest of ancient grains made its way to Sweden's best... (more)

Cole Ruth
December 4, 2013
Venomous Spiders Are Hiding in Our Grapes

All over the country - and the world - the innocent joy of eating grapes... (more)

Jesse Hirsch
December 2, 2013
Sophisticated, Large-Scale Thefts Plague California’s Nut Industry

Big-time nut heists are on the rise following a spike in the wholesale price of... (more)

Dan Mitchell
November 25, 2013
Warsaw Climate Talks: Bad News for Farming

Little good news for farmers in climate talks.

John Upton
November 25, 2013
The Seeds of Legal Pot

Cannabis seed breeders prepare for legalization in Colorado.

Sam Brasch
November 15, 2013
A Warming Earth Means Bad News for Farms

Sure, climate change was bad news for the poor, world peace, clean water, plants, animals,... (more)

Sam Brasch
November 11, 2013
Guarded but Growing: A Farmcentric Tour of the Korean DMZ

We never expected that our tour of the DMZ, the most heavily militarized border in... (more)

Maggie Prendergast And Catie Prendergast
November 11, 2013