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Trump Administration Rolls Back School Nutrition Standards

The first move? Allowing flavored milk, like chocolate and strawberry.

Dan Nosowitz
December 21, 2018
Tainted Romaine Farm Recalls Cauliflower Now, Too

Cauliflower is the new romaine, but, like, not in a good way.

Dan Nosowitz
December 19, 2018
Seafood in New York Supermarkets Is Laughably Mislabeled

More than 42 percent of New York City supermarket seafood is incorrectly identified.

Dan Nosowitz
December 18, 2018
Senate Approves Farm Bill, Finally

Mitch McConnell signed it with a pen made of hemp.

Dan Nosowitz
December 13, 2018
Environmental Changes Are Killing the Livelihood of Great Lakes Fishermen

The Bagida-waad Alliance is gathering scientific data to find out what has happened to their... (more)

Corey Mintz
December 11, 2018
Hemp May Soon Be Federally Legal, But Many Will Be Barred From...

Hemp industry leaders are strongly against one important part of the bill.

Dan Nosowitz
December 7, 2018
Check Out This Big Steer

We’d say “holy cow” if it wasn’t inaccurate due to gender misidentification.

Dan Nosowitz
November 30, 2018