Sara Morrow, Author at Modern Farmer
For the Love of Farm Dogs

They guard. They herd. One even weeds. Meet the nine hardworking canine companions - and... (more)

Sara Morrow
September 12, 2017
Meet the Modern Farmer: Casey McAuliffe and Alex McPhail

"We've always thrived outdoors, and suddenly it was our job to go outdoors. That was... (more)

Sara Morrow
December 26, 2016
The Descendants: Meet the Family Behind Space on Ryder Farm

How a young actress turned her ancestral farm into fertile ground for the arts -... (more)

Sara Morrow
September 21, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Joseph Brinkley

“I didn’t even drink wine until I moved to California,” admits Joseph Brinkley, who farmed... (more)

Sara Morrow
July 5, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Meagan Burns

Though Meagan Burns grew up on an Illinois dairy farm and married a Texas cattleman,... (more)

Sara Morrow
June 29, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Tim Mountz

"A good tomato isn't cheap, and a cheap tomato isn't good.” So reads the sign... (more)

Sara Morrow
June 14, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmer: Lauren Palmer

Although she went into social work after college, Palmer always knew she'd return to her... (more)

Sara Morrow
April 6, 2016
Meet Anya Fernald, the First Lady of Livestock

Leave it to a woman to revolutionize cattle ranching. Anya Fernald had a major beef... (more)

Sara Morrow
March 24, 2016
Meet the Modern Farmers: Bailey Hale and Thomas McCurdy

The pair moved from Philly to small town Vermont when a neighbor ratted them out... (more)

Sara Morrow
March 16, 2016