Heather Hansman, Author at Modern Farmer
Coming Soon From 3 Vegan Scientists: Lab-Grown Milk

Can synthetic milk be the next dairy product on shelf?

Heather Hansman
December 3, 2014
Swimming Pool Farms: Going Off the Deep End in Arizona

The McClungs doesn't need food shopping, they have their swimming pool.

Heather Hansman
September 22, 2014
Meet The Modern Farmers: Fergal Smith

A 26-year-old farmer who balances professional surfing with farm chores.

Heather Hansman
September 18, 2014
Who Let the Fish Out: Fish Hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest

Early in the morning of May 13th, 2014, an unknown fish vigilante stole into the... (more)

Heather Hansman
July 29, 2014
When Kale and Brussels Sprouts Combine

A kale/Brussels sprouts mashup could be this fall's hottest food.

Heather Hansman
May 13, 2014
How New Legislation in Boston Gave Fresh Life to Urban Farms

The new ordinance means farmers will be able to grow ”“ and, importantly, sell for... (more)

Heather Hansman
April 16, 2014
Will Hops Save This Family Farm?

A fourth-generation family farm hopes that hops can help it survive.

Heather Hansman
June 27, 2013