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Florida is Making Progress in War with Giant Crop-Eating Snail

Snail-related terror in the Sunshine State might be coming to an end.

Dan Nosowitz
September 11, 2015
You Can Now Take Food Business Classes Online

A brand-new food business class, without leaving your couch.

Dan Nosowitz
September 10, 2015
The USDA Farm Income Forecast: Not So Good

Everything's crashing, say farmers. Everything's fine, says the USDA.

Dan Nosowitz
September 9, 2015
World-Champion Shearer Removes Absurd 88-Pound Fleece From Sheep

It must have felt pretty baaaaahd under all that wool.

Dan Nosowitz
September 4, 2015
This Plane Can Be Powered By Farm Waste

A mixture of agricultural waste, non-edible plant oils, and traditional fuel will help ferry Californians... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
September 3, 2015
We Have No Idea What Kind Of Cannabis We’re Buying

Indica? Sativa? Don't trust what your dispensary tells you - they're just guessing.

Dan Nosowitz
September 2, 2015