9-Year-Old Loves Driving the Combine On His Family Farm Because Why Wouldn’t He

Lindsay Kimbrell, Twitter

Sometimes, the phrase "family farm" still really means that the farm is run by a family—the entire family.

AgWeb brings us the story of Trey Kimbrell, a burgeoning farmer from Grandview, Texas, a small town just south of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Trey loves driving his family’s combine, harvesting corn, which wouldn’t be so endearing if he wasn’t only nine years old. His mother, Kimberly, seems to think so, too, posting extremely cute pictures of Trey on her social media feeds.

In Texas, as in many states, no driver’s license is required to drive farm equipment like combines and tractors, not even on public roads. (The US Department of Transportation has periodically pondered requiring a commercial driver’s license for farm equipment, but due to strong opposition from the farming community, has not pushed too hard to turn that into law.) And for many farmers, especially those with multi-generational family farms, learning how to drive a tractor or combine is a nostalgic and fundamental part of childhood.

Some commenters have expressed concern that Trey is allowed to drive the combine by himself; Kimberly notes that an adult is always nearby, and that he was taught carefully to drive up until this year.

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Accidents do, sometimes, happen, though many involve very young children falling from machines rather than those who are actually driving within the cab. But that doesn’t seem to dampen the Kimbrell family’s enthusiasm for them. After all, every kid pushes around Tonka trucks and loves to watch big, powerful machines—some kids are just lucky enough to actually drive them.

9-Year-Old Loves Driving the Combine On His Family Farm Because Why Wouldn’t He