The Origin of the Araucana Chicken is a Murky, Fascinating Mystery

Theories place it as the lynchpin of a mass migration across the oceans.

Dan Nosowitz
March 21, 2016
What’s Old Is New Again: Chefs Rediscover Schmaltz

The magic of an old Jewish workaround to Kosher laws finds favor among younger chefs.

Dan Nosowitz
March 17, 2016
The Cornish Game Hen Is a Tiny Liar

The truth behind the decades-old trend of the Cornish game hen.

Dan Nosowitz
March 16, 2016
Some Scientists Fed Prozac To a Bird To See What Would Happen

It wasn't for fun or anything. There's a real reason to do this.

Dan Nosowitz
March 11, 2016
This Week In Food Recalls: That’s Not Chicken In Your Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are not supposed to include plastic. We want them to just be made... (more)

Dan Nosowitz
March 10, 2016
Yosted: Kansas City Royals Manager is a Hero to Bees

"There's not enough bees in the world, boys."

Dan Nosowitz
March 9, 2016