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Let’s Talk About Cattle Mutilations

Several new cattle deaths in Oregon may be the latest in a long line of mysterious mutilations.

A ranch in Paulina, Oregon.
Photography by Bob Pool/Shutterstock

Normally, the unexpected death of adult cattle is a financial burden, and maybe an emotional burden, on the ranchers who owned them.

But there are some cattle death stories, which gained fame dating back to 1967, that aren’t ordinary deaths. KTVZ reported last week that, in Crook County, Oregon, the sheriff’s office is investigating the death of “several” cattle. It looks like an ordinary story. It isn’t.

These particular types of deaths are usually referred to as “cattle mutilation,” and they have a very strange, conspiracy-ridden history. There are certain things in common. The cattle will be missing certain body parts, typically genitals or eyes. There will be cuts described as “surgical” in their unusual neatness. The cattle will not have displayed signs of illness prior to their sudden demise. And there will be no blood. 

These cattle mutilation stories first gained fame in 1967, although that initial case actually involved a horse rather than a cow or bull. Stories of cattle mutilation bubbled up from across the American West through the 1970s, and the FBI actually conducted an investigation—which was inconclusive in terms of finding a motive or perpetrator. They did find some stuff in the autopsies which seemed odd: the absence of copper in the liver, for example. The FBI investigation, which you can read here, includes theories ranging from “dropped from a helicopter” to “injected with anti-coagulants.”

The stories gained some fame; every once in a while, there’ll be a big fun feature in a magazine, starting with a 1975 Alexander Cockburn story in Esquire. Conspiracy theories run rampant, and they cover just about all the usual bases: aliens, cryptids like the chupacabra, Satanic cults, government cover-ups. 

There’s also, of course, the skeptic’s explanation. Those precise, surgical cuts have been demonstrated in experiments to also be found when a dead cow bloats, tearing the skin neatly. Some insect scavengers like blowflies do tend to go for eyes and genitals; those are soft portals to the inside of the animal. 

In any case, this newest case involves three or possibly four head of cattle, which the sheriff’s department said had “certain body parts” removed. Extra patrols to the rural area will be provided. The mutilations followed others scattered throughout eastern Oregon in recent years. 

As yet, no arrests have been made—not in 1975, and not now.

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2 years ago

These mutilations have been going on for decades, throughout the world, and if they were mere organisms eating the soft tissue, one would think we have have had witnesses to the various stages of these organic mutilations by now. Alas, not even one witness to any stage of such an organic mutilation which has been observed. Moreover, ranchers tell us that, when a cattle dies, scavengers feed on the carcass. However, in every case of mutilations, none were molested by scavengers of any kind, vultures, etc., avoid them like the plague. Tests on the liver of some animals were done,… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Patricio
2 years ago

Do some research. John Keel. He wrote a lot about blood draining and how it relates to the superspectrum and ultraterrestrials. There isn’t a diffinitive answer, but there are so many cases where people have actually seen others in their fields.

1 year ago

Why not lets be honest? A rancher named Larry Gardea saw it happen before his eyes in 1994. UFO’s have been witnessed close to the scene of mutilations. Case closed.

Lewis Sinclair Jr.
1 year ago

People need to understand a cow is just a giant lab rat thats been outdoors in the same general vicinity for the last few months. The organs removed are many of the same ones a pathologist would run tests on for exposure to certain man made things that escape into the enviroment from time to time, things that would freak people out if they knew. Anything with the technoloigy for interstellar travel would never need to make repeat visits to gather tissue samples of cows if they ever needed to once in the first place. If you want to blame… Read more »

1 year ago

This happened so frequently in the town my father grew up in that they canceled Halloween out of fear that some cultist like people were responsible. They also have a large nuclear facility in that region.

4 months ago

Project Bovine was a government military project to acquire cattle blood for transitioning into human plasma by abduction of bovines in USA! Military used FLIR tech for nighttime acquisition of cattle targets with stealth blade choppers and dart guns to tranquilize cattle. A harness system was designed to lift the cattle by chopper to transport to a secret site where blood was removed via vacume pumps. The cattle were then transported by chopper back to pastures and air dropped. Sometimes eyes and ears were removed to make it appear alien in nature!

4 months ago

So when are ranchers getting paid for their cattle? Your guess is as good as mine in a Black Operation!

4 months ago

But Hey What do I know?

3 months ago

What happened was our scientists found out that human blood and bovine blood are compatible in a blood plasma form. It was tested in VA successfully on a female traffic accident victim in around late 1978! So I hear FEMA controls the supply in event of a national emergency such as War! I also hear we have 129 DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases)! Blood is probably maintained in plasma form down under us all. I also hear we have constructed tunnels with Magnetic-Levitated trains that can travel hundreds of Mph that connect all these bases together! But Hey all that… Read more »

3 months ago

Listen up people! I read it all in a report called Project Bovine! Our scientists at NSA found out that cattle blood can be transformed into a human acceptable blood plasma! So they decided to start a program of acquiring cattle blood from ranchers across USA! Choppers with dart guns full of animal tranquilizers were used along with FLIR tech to locate cattle at night! A leather harness system was designed first and utilized to lift the animals to a secured area away from pasture lands! There the cows blood supply was drained with a vacume pump and then dead… Read more »